Saturday, May 8, 2010

HALKA - Independent Film

1st Official Trailer of "HALKa" The Indie Film

Independent Film - Coming Soon
(HDV 1080i Format - Duration - 40min)
Writer & Director - Sohel Afgani RaNA
Cinematographer - Sohag ReJA
Chf. Asst. Director - Rafiqul Islam Jamil
Art Director - Suvabrata Sarkar
Banner - Taar Cheera Entertainment
Production - Digiart Multimedia Production

Story Line
A young boy named Halka with poor height (4.5 ft) became a green monster (16ft). All the bad boys who used to beat him....are in danger now. Something very wrong is gonna happen in city. You don't have to wait....he will come soon. "HALKA" a dangerous comedy short film.

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HALKA Video Available in YouTube

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